Condor 2 Port Serial Card PCI
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Condor 2 Port Serial Card PCI
Condor 2 Port Serial Card PCI

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Brand: Condor
Product Code: OCON-2XSERIAL
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Multi-function PCI Bus Specification 2.2 and Power
Management 1.0 compliant
Two full-duplex asynchronous channels
Multi-function target PCI controller facilitates using generic device drivers an applications
Baud rates up to 15Mbps in asynchronous mode
128-byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receiver
Fully software compatible with 16C450, 16C550, 16C650, 16C750 and 16C950 UARTs
Supports Big Endian byte-lane conversion
Pass-through function supports 8/32-bit Local Bus running asynchronous to PCI clock
UARTs, Local Bus be configured with IO or memory base address
12 multi-purpose IO pins which can be configured to interrupt input pins
Serial ports offer Good-Data status
Flexible baud rate clock prescaler
Automated in-band flow control using programmable Xon/Xoff in both directions
Readable flow control status and FIFO levels
Arbitrary FIFO thresholds for interrupts and automatic flow control
5.0V operation
Supports: Windows Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
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