Edimax 2 Port USB KVM Switch 350MHz, 2 Cables, Audio/Mic
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Edimax 2 Port USB KVM Switch 350MHz, 2 Cables, Audio/Mic
Edimax 2 Port USB KVM Switch 350MHz, 2 Cables, Audio/Mic

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Brand: Edimax
Product Code: KVE-EK-UAK2
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350MHz High Bandwidth 2 Ports USB KVM Switch

•Supports High Video Resolution up to 2048 x 1536
•Supports up to 350MHz Bandwidth
•Supports USB Keyboard and Mouse
•Supports Audio and Microphone Switching
•Supports Auto Scan (Programmable)
•Supports Hotkey, Push Button and Switchto Switch between PCs
•Includes KVM Cables to save your cost
•No Power Adapter and Software Required

EK-UAK2 Slim Desktop KVM Switch is a very slim and compact KVM Switch that is specifically designed for individual and SOHO use. You can use it to control two computers using only one USB keyboard, video and USB mouse.

EK-UAK2 supports hotkeys, push button and auto scan. Its completed keyboard and mouse emulation for simultaneous PCs boot-up process. The Hot Plug feature let you connect/disconnect PCs without powering down PCs.

EK-UAK2 provides Audio and Microphone switching function for SOHO and office desktop multimedia application. It allows you to access, control, boot and reboot four USB enabled multimedia computers using only one keyboard, video, mouse and optional speaker set and microphone.

The audio and microphone switching function of EK-UAK2 allows you to leverage the multimedia systems on each of your two computers. You can monitor the audio/mic input/output of each computer without plugging on and off the audio/mic cables. Furthermore, it offers you user-programmable simultaneous /independent PC and Audio/mic switching function for flexible multimedia and KVM Switching operation. In this way, you can listen to music from one computer while performing other tasks with the other computers.

With its integrated connectors for USB keyboard, video and USB mouse, EK-UAK2 requires special 3-in-1 KVM combo cables (included in the package) for connection with PCs. There will be no more cabling clutters on your desktop.

EK-UAK2 can save your money, space and devices when you need to control 2 PCs. No power supply and software needed, just plug and play.
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